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Come to the party!

Skrolli Party is a demo party dedicated to the makers and readers of the Skrolli magazine! The party is held for the third time on Saturday 28th September 2019, this time in Epilä, Tampere. Editors and writers get in for free, others are expected to bring a prod to the compo. The party place has a capacity of approximately 40 people.

The invitation intro is available to download for Linux and Windows. A 64-bit operating system is required. If you don't have a suitable execution environment, you can also watch the intro below (Youtube link).

Check out the photos and results from 2017 ja 2018!

Party place



There will be two scene compos at the party: realtime and wild. Realtime compo entries must be traditional executable programs that produce images and sound in real time. The platform can be old or new, but if your entry doesn't run on a modern PC with Windows or Linux operating system, please contact the organizers for arrangements to run it.

Wild entries can be anything that can be presented with a screen and/or loudspeakers. And entry can be a picture, prerendered animation, a piece or music or a video of a live performance. Bring something from outside the box and surprise us!

The winner of the realtime series will receive an Ultimate 64 Elite. The winner of the wild series will get a Lego Mindstorms starter set. The three best entries from each category will also get trophies.

Specs of the compo machine:

  • Core i7-6700k @ 4 GHz
  • 16 GB RAM
  • GeForce RTX 2070
  • Windows 10
  • Debian Unstable

Entries will be presented with a 1080p projector. If you want to bring your own hardware to present your entry, please contact the organizers so we can ascertain its compatibility with the A/V equipment at the party place.

Entries must be delivered no later than 18:00 on the party day. Acceptable methods of submission are USB drives and URLs. You may test your entry on the compo machine before the compo if you wish.

Remote entries are also welcome. In this case we recommend you send at least a preliminary version well in advance to avoid unexpected compatibility problems. Contact information is at the end of the page.

Entries will be published on this site after the party unless the author expressly forbids it.

There will also be a gaming compo at the party. The game and platform will be announced at the party place.


Skrolli magazine is sponsoring a party bus from Helsinki to Tampere and back. Bus tickets cost 10 euros. Passengers can also be picked up along the way.

The address and directions to the party place will be sent to participants separately.


The official party day is Saturday, but the premises are reserved for our use from Friday to Sunday. You are welcome to arrive early or stay after the party to hang out.

13:00Party bus departs from Helsinki in front of Kiasma
ca. 15:30Party bus arrives at Tampere
16:00Skrolli Party begins
16:00Qualification rounds for the gaming compo begin
17:00Mikko and Jukka reminisce being a game journalist on two millennia
18:00Pizza break
18:30Amigaaaa demoshow by Alumni
19:00Sauna is ready
20:00Finals of the gaming compo
21:00Scene compos: Wild and realtime, with voting break
23:00Roz^(B)^Fit LIVE: Analog beeps, whistles and klonks with unts unts unts
01:00Prize ceremony
01:30Party bus departs for the return trip to Helsinki
01:31The afterparty begins

There are also retro computers and arcade machines available for use throughout the day.

Background and dance music is provided by Maunukki.


Head organizer
Mikko "The DataBeaver" Rasa


See the list on the Finnish page.

Contact information

Any questions about the party or registrations can be sent to If you have a special diet or anything else we should be aware of, please mention it in your registration. We'll try to guess a suitable name for the participant list, but let us know if you'd like to have something specific (or to remain hidden).

You can also /msg tdb on IRCnet. If you happen to know any organizers, feel free to contact in other ways as well.

If you want to send in a remote entry, deliver a URL to your prod with email or on IRCnet. Include the name of the prod, the name of the author and any hardware requirements.