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Skrolli Party is back!

Skrolli Party is a demo party dedicated to the makers and readers of the Skrolli magazine! After a break caused by the pandemic, the event is held for the fourth time on Saturday 23rd September 2023. There is no entrance fee. The first 30 (or more) to register will get in! Editors and writers of Skrolli have privilege to half of the spots.

The invitation intro to the party was released in the demo compo at Assembly Summer 2023 and is available to download for Linux. A windows version will be released later. If you don't have a suitable execution environment, you can also watch the intro below or on Youtube.

Check out the photos and results from previous years: 2017, 2018 ja 2019!

Party place

The party place is located in Espoo.


There will be two compos at the party: realtime and wild. The realtime competition is about making an executable program which produces moving image and audio in real time. The platform can be old or new, as long as it can execute a program.

Entries in the wild compo can be anything that can be presented with a screen and/or loudspeakers. It can be a picture, prerendered animation, a piece or music or a video of a live performance. Bring something from outside the box and surprise us!

Compo prizes will be revealed later.

Rules are on their own page.


The event begins at around 16 and lasts until midnight. A more detailed schedule will be announced later.


Head organizer
Mikko "The DataBeaver" Rasa
Matrix: IRCnet: tdb Discord: databeaver


See the list on the Finnish page.

Contact information

Any questions about the party or registrations can be sent to If you have a special diet or anything else we should be aware of, please mention it in your registration. Please also let us know if you think you're qualified as a maker of Skrolli. We'll try to guess a suitable name for the participant list, but let us know if you'd like to have something specific (or to remain hidden).

Direct contact information of organizers can be found above. You can register by messaging the organizers, but we recommend you let us know your email address for announcements about the party.

You're welcome to participate in discussion about the party in Skrolli's community: on Matrix, #skrolli-party on IRCnet and Skrolli's Discord community.